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Nuviro Gift Soap bar is using traditional handmade cold processing method in making every soap bar. All materials are natural ingredients with refreshing essential oil scents. Handmade soap bar produces Glycerin, a basic ingredient in many skincare or cosmetic products, which is a natural by-product from oils or fats and lye, it is a skin-nourishing and moisturizer or skin cleanser without any side effects.

Help to keep your skin stay away from harmful chemical cleansing products.

Nuviro Wedding Gift Soap - Marble Red Nuviro Weddubg Gift Soap - Pastel Pink Nuviro Wedding Gift Soap - Jade

 Nuviro Gift Soap - Gift and Premium

Value added to a handmade soap bar, Nuviro Gift Soap adding one more value to a natural soap bar by turning it to be a gift in any occasions or for celebrations. Such as Birthday, Wedding and Seasons Greetings and etc.

Nuviro Wedding Gift Soap Nuviro Longevity Gift Soap Nuviro Gift Soap Eco-Pack series

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