Why making handmade soap bar as a gift

Gift giving is an art for each person.  You may thinking a gift to be memorable, durable, eatable, be decorative or for any reasons that may making the receipient happy.  No matter what is the reason,  when picking up a gift, you may have difficulties in decision making.  Here, Nuviro Gift Soap is producing a series of gift collection, a new gift concept to the market, a new gift idea to the gift giver. 

Whenever receiving a gift, it is a happy moment, but it is an annoyance after period of time.  Leaving it aside; giving someone else as a new gift; throw it away ....... .  So that why don't you pick up a handmade soap bar as your gift?  Nuviro Gift Soap is not an ordinary gift, it is molded in sophisticated design with meaning to the gift receipient. 

At the moment, we have :

Besides receiving the gift, the receipient can also enjoy the BENEFITS of a handmade soap bar.  You therefore sending not only a gift, but also a message of protecting the earth and a natural presonal care product for your beloved ones.

How to make a handmade soap bar 

Nuviro Gift Soap is using cold-processing method in making our gift soap.  It is the mixing natural oils (eg. Olive, Coconut and Palm oil) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide or Lye). After the saponification period, the composition of the oils change with the help of the lye to create a soap bar.   

One of the main benefits of cold process soap making is having complete control over natural ingredients. Which typically yields an eco-friendly and protect the environment product, producing a long-lasting and sophisticated design bar of soap as your gift.

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